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The Batchery and Wildfire Labs Create Unique Tech Startup Fast Track

If you’re thinking of launching a tech startup, there’s never been a better time. The Batchery and Wildfire Labs have launched a groundbreaking fast-track path that takes startups from concept to rapid growth. Wildfire Labs provides the process and tools to prove a concept, turn it into an MVP, and test the market in 6 months or less. The Batchery provides the accelerator resources and network to scale startups rapidly. Startups who take this path can go from concept to a seed round in under 1 year. 

Peter Burghardt, Batchery ED said “We’re excited to build strong path to success with Wildfire for early stage tech startups. The Batchery is well positioned to help startups scale up quickly with our program, Silicon Valley network, and likeminded focus on mentoring”.  

The Batchery will continue to offer its leading silicon-valley based accelerator, but will fast track companies that have gone through the Wildfire program and are a fit for The Batchery. 

Todd Gagne, Wildfire Co-Founder said “We are excited to ramp up our program to help more startups. We’ve proven that a clear process and a strong tech team helps startups go fast. Adding The Batchery to help our startups scale up rapidly will position them to take advantage of markets that are changing faster than ever.” 

About The Batchery 

The Batchery is a leading startup accelerator that empowers entrepreneurs to turn their visionary ideas into successful businesses. With a strong focus on mentorship, networking, and resources, The Batchery has supported numerous startups in realizing their full potential. 

About Wildfire Labs 

Wildfire Labs is an early-stage accelerator/studio that helps entrepreneurs build & launch their software product and prepare to grow rapidly. Wildfire works exclusively with software companies – allowing startups to take advantage of experienced developers to fast-track launch. Wildfire features a comprehensive app that guides entrepreneurs through the launch process, while Wildfire Partners provide 1:1 mentoring from seasoned professionals during the program. Startups that graduate from Wildfire are ready to begin growing their customer base and raise capital.