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Wildfire Labs at the Center of Rapid City Downtown Growth Plan

Wildfire Labs was included in a key piece posted by the Rapid City Journal on downtown growth planning. The article covers how Wildfire Labs affliated startups are growing rapidly and need places to expand:

“By the end of next year, we'll probably be somewhere around 130 to 140 employees with probably 30-40 of them working remotely so if we want to stay here, we're going to really have to have growth conversations about where to start putting our next people,” Hespen said.

Wildfire Labs co-founder Todd Gagne is also quoted extensively on how Wildfire Labs fits in: "They're just an idea. They come to us to really build a product and to find the first couple of customers then through an investment network, that we have, we basically can get them funded when they reach that milestone."

You can read the full article here: