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Wildfire Labs Company, Property Meld, Reaches Big Milestone

Wildfire Company Property Meld reached an important milestone this week - they successfully raised $15 million in Series B funding. This will allow the company to continue their rapid expansion, including hiring.

Ray Hespen, CEO at Property Meld said ""Series B is a big milestone. I think the next big milestone is building a campus. Once we get to that point we'll become a predominant employer in the area. The workers would be earning a great wage and we would be attracting even more capital to the area."

Property Meld is a great example of the kind of software companies we invest in at Wildfire. "I wanted to find software companies in the region and share some of the experiences I've had. When I found Ray and David, I loved their idea and it's a problem that every apartment ends up having," Gagne said. "Ray was trying to build sales process without a lot of experience or methodology. But he's a sponge and has the ability to constantly learn from his mistakes and mine--which I made a lot of in my career."

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